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Guitar Student of SL Guitar Lessons!

Guitar Student of SL Guitar Lessons!


SL Guitar Lessons offers a range of lessons for a range of students. From eight to eighty years old, all you need is a passion to learn and play the guitar. Having taught a range of different ages, abilities and music tastes it has allowed us to know that guitar lessons aren’t a “one size fits all” situation and for this reason we tailor our guitar lessons to suit you so that you can get the most out of your lessons.




There wasn’t anything wrong with how ***** (Their last teacher) taught, however I enjoy your lessons more and find the lessons and practicing a lot more fun.

Chris R

Just thought I would pass on that *****(Student’s Name) LOVED his first lesson with you, and he said “I wish he could come every day!” After you left, we found the original music video of Bad on his iPad and he was playing along!

April L



  • I am/my child is (insert age here) is that too old/young? Age is but a number and when it comes to guitar lessons it’s all about ability. I teach a range of ages and have come across students that are able to play guitar at ages that are considered to be too old or too young for guitar lessons but have done really well during lessons and enjoy playing guitar. There again, I have also taught students that are the same ages as people that are able but don’t have the ability and this is normally shown in the first couple of lessons and when this does happen I speak to the student or students parents and discuss whether they wish to continue guitar lessons.
  • Do I need a guitar to start guitar lessons? It is easier to pick up a cheap guitar from a local music shop, charity shop or even online as this means that it is your guitar and you use it whenever you like, although I do have guitar that are able to be loaned to students but these are numbered so they may not always be available.
  • I can’t make our lesson anymore, can we move it? Everyone gets that week where they have a clash in their diary, it can be a nightmare! It can be even worse if it becomes a recurring clash but this is something that we can overcome we can arrange for that lesson to be moved either that week or permanently – Simple!

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Types of Lessons

  • 1 to 1 at Home Studio – These are the lessons that I normally recommend as all the equipment for a guitar lesson is at an arms reach and is set up before the lesson starts. Also, if anything does go wrong with a students instrument there are others to hand which means a guitar lesson isn’t compromised or wasted.
  • 1 to 1 on Skype – Skype lessons are a great way to have guitar lessons with SL Guitar Lessons if you don’t live in the UK or anywhere near the south of the UK as it allows you to have a face to face lesson and be in different places of the world.*
  • Group lessons at Home Studio – Group guitar lessons are a great way to add a little bit of friendly competition to your guitar lessons and help each other as you take steps towards becoming the guitarist you want to be. Get in contact for more information about group lessons.



To give students the opportunity to get a bit of knowledge before they start lessons, we’re now putting a few lessons on our website. Below is a playlist with all the lessons in. Alternatively you can look at SL Guitar Lessons’ Videos page and have information to work with the lesson as well.